Meet the Staff

James Ruhle

Senior Marketing Consultant

Joining the company in 2002, James has worked his way up to become the top marketer at Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange.

As a Senior Marketing Consultant, James has learned that "Service Is King" in this business. "Every FMO/IMO has access to product and companies, but outperforming the competition in customer service is the key to earning an agent's business and, more importantly, in growing long-term relationships."

James helps agents understand that there's more to annuities than just offering products that meet the client's needs. He believes the key to growing your business is the ability to think outside the box. He tries his best to educate his agents on concepts and products that will help them in their practices with that in mind.

James is a proud father of two boys Carter and Jack. He is a graduate of Michigan's Albion College. James enjoys anything and everything related to the game of basketball and is very active in the outdoors with mountain biking and cycling. During Michigan’s colder months, he spends a majority of his time in the woods bow hunting whitetail deer.


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