If you have any questions or would like additional information about the carriers, products, services and incentives we offer, please call one of our marketing representatives at 800.321.3924.  For general information, e-mail us at info@annuity-exchange.com
Address: Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange
45 Research Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

800.321.3924 toll free

Fax: 734.786.6101 — General
734.786.6336 — New Business/Licensing
734.468.0700 — Branch Office
E-Mail: info@annuity-exchange.com — General
Hours of Operation (Eastern time)
Monday 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Senior Vice President
  Heath Waddington Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing Ext. 140 hwaddington@annuity-exchange.com

Branch Office
  Nick Bates  Branch Office Manager  Ext. 121  nbates@annuity-exchange.com 
  James Morris 
Designated Supervisory Principal
Ext. 159 jmorris@annuity-exchange.com 

Suitability & Compliance
  Gissou Gotlieb Field Suitability & Compliance Officer  Ext. 134 ggotlieb@annuity-exchange.com
  James Morris 
Suitability Specialist
Ext. 159 jmorris@annuity-exchange.com 

  Brianna Regan  Marketing Development Director  Ext. 123 bregan@annuity-exchange.com 


  Nick Bates  Vice President of Annuity Sales Ext. 121  nbates@annuity-exchange.com 
  Terry Krueger  Senior Marketing Consultant  Ext. 136  tkrueger@annuity-exchange.com 
  James Ruhle  Senior Marketing Consultant  Ext. 126  jruhle@annuity-exchange.com 
  Abby Lantz  Senior Marketing Consultant  Ext. 132  alantz@annuity-exchange.com 
  Donnie Lantz  Senior Marketing Consultant  Ext. 117  dlantz@annuity-exchange.com 
  Dylan Smeltzer  Senior Marketing Consultant  Ext. 128  dsmeltzer@annuity-exchange.com 
  Mike Lautenbach  Marketing Consultant  Ext. 129  mlautenbach@annuity-exchange.com 
  Casey Kreutzberg Marketing Consultant Ext. 177 ckreutzberg@annuity-exchange.com
  Chris Russen Marketing Consultant Ext. 125 crussen@annuity-exchange.com
  Dina Mestel Sales Trainer Ext. 119 dmestel@annuity-exchange.com
  Claudia Pahl Senior Coordinator Ext. 120 cpahl@annuity-exchange.com

Life Department  
  Matt Kaas Life Marketing Consultant Ext. 133 mkaas@annuity-exchange.com
  Sally Doukas Life Marketing Consultant Ext. 130 sdoukas@annuity-exchange.com

Administration & Support 
  Leyla Conlan  Director of Finance and Operations Ext. 124  lconlan@annuity-exchange.com 
  John Grodzicki  Director of Information Systems Ext. 150  jgrodzicki@annuity-exchange.com 
  Meghan Eiler  New Business Coordinator  Ext. 156  meiler@annuity-exchange.com 
  Jennifer Potter  New Business Coordinator  Ext. 135  jpotter@annuity-exchange.com 
  Meghan Shipley Operations Coordinator Ext. 105  meghans@annuity-exchange.com 
  Megan Osterman Licensing Coordinator Ext. 147 mosterman@annuity-exchange.com
  Shanna Judit Marketing Distribution Coordinator Ext. 114 sjudit@annuity-exchange.com


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